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The client requested a mid-century aesthetic with a modern interpretation. The materials were key elements of the design to create unique architectural details such as floating roof planes, robust detailing both internally and externally to reinforce the structural imagery we aimed to achieve.

Our interpretation of their philosophy can be summarised as: “an iconic home, modern with a mid-century flavour”


A contemporary design inspired by the enigmatic concept of “balance”. Dualism was designed to provide the comfort of modern living evident throughout the interiors combined with the serenity of a safe haven incorporating a Zen Garden to the backyard, wether to enjoy some alone time or quality family times.

Dualism inspires an appeasing interiors visual experience with an all-white cabinetry and stone throughout the home with added warmth from the expansive use of timber. Lush landscapes envelops the home softening the exterior architecture to exude a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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