Our Story

Founded in 2003 and based in Perth, Western Australia, Urbane is made up of people from design and construction backgrounds which allows the handling of projects from conception to realisation. Being both the designer and the builder provides the ability to push the limits of creativity while assuring the feasibility of the project.


We pride ourselves in the trust our clients have in our abilities. We take full advantage of this artistic liberty to create homes that reflect our clients' personality and aspirations, our creativity and craftsmanship.

The Urbane Difference


We only work on a very limited number of homes each year. Consequently, we are able to focus on each client providing a level of service and availability to the best of our abilities. Our passion for design resonates among our team, clients and trades. This strong synergy allows us to push the limits of creativity and innovation to create those truly custom designs.


Our team of construction professionals with years of experience as builders devised best practice principles to ensure high quality standard builds. Being both the designer and the builder ensures the design intent is carried into the building process to the finest detail.


When we take a home project, we go through intensive communication sessions with our clients to better understand their expectations, personality and lifestyle. Our aspiration as designers and builders is to create homes that are reflections of our clients' persona; homes they look forward to return to.

An Immersive Journey