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Creativity is not about what you do
but how you do it.

Urbane Career Hub
A platform of opportunities

Inclusive & Innovative

Your story is our story

Welcome to Urbane, a place where ideas is our reality.

Join us on our journey to create the Urbane of your tomorrow.


Design Team

As a member of our design team, you will have the opportunity, and resources, to challenge your creative mind in conceptual, structural and interior design.

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Branding & Marketing

The Urbane brand, throughout the years, has been carefully designed around our core philosophy:

Design + Build + Live.

Join our branding and marketing team to create and sustain the Urbane brand. 

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Public Relations

Urbane is all about our people. We like to think of ourselves as a community before a company. Maintaining healthy relationships with clients, trades and the public in general is of utmost importance.


Construction Team

Being a part of our construction team, you will work closely with the design team to translate their design vision into the reality of construction whilst developing and sustaining relationships with suppliers and trades.

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With a multi platform Urbane network, our content creation involves the use of different media types: images, 3Ds, videos, etc. We have opportunities for: illustrators, graphic designers, UX UI designers, videographers, and more.


Operations & Logistics

With a multi-disciplinary team, it is important to ensure we have in place reliable policies, protocols, and processes to ensure a seamless workflow.


Administration Team

If organisation and planning is your forte, our administration team could be your next career move. From office, construction and operation administration, we like to keep things organised.



Are you a tech champion? At Urbane, we strive to be up to date with both hardware and software technologies available on the market. Do you have the IT skills and insights necessary to facilitate our workflow?


Experience Design

"Home is a Journey" is at the core of the Urbane experience: the way we do what we do. Working with Urbane, you will have the opportunity to develop unique ways to present your work and accompany clients on their journey to home.

Available Positions

While we encourage everyone to apply for their dream position with Urbane, we are currently searching for new team members in the following positions:

Site Supervisor

Be yourself, write your own Urbane story

The Urbane Career Hub is our standard recruitment platform. 

As an aspiring leader in design and construction, we shifted our recruitment protocol from necessity based to an opportunity based practice.

With this initiative, we invite you all to share with us your professional journey and how you believe you can contribute to our community.

Create your own job and be part of a growing team.

Link below to start your journey to home.

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A Brand, a Team, a Vision



A place we call home

Design + Build + Live

Great ideas start with Great People

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At Urbane, we value the contribution of education to creativity and innovation. 

We are a firm believer that the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We invite everyone studying in relevant fields to take their first step in the professional world with Urbane.

More than work experience; an Urbane experience

We are Humans of Urbane


A Word from Steve

In a challenging and dynamic market we continually strive to be the market leader in residential design and construction - pushing the boundaries of possibilities. I value the important contribution each team member plays in the ongoing success of Urbane Projects and I encourage those with the conviction in their skills and abilities to join our team of dedicated professionals.

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